Denise Doyen
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Adventures in Nepaw

Adventures in Nepaw

... is a middle-grade novel, an epic adventure, about a treacherous climbing battle to the top of the highest mountain in an animal-fantasy world. In a time when climbers wore tweed and peaks rose as yet unconquered, Trekker Raccoon travels to a far-off country, hires the renowned climbing guide, Master Jam Ling Sherpmouse and his expert crew of Sherpmice and begins a summit attempt on the grandest, highest peak of the Grimmalayas, The Great Peak of Nepaw.

Alas, a rich and ruthless aristorat also has designs on the Sherpmice's holy mountain. Sir Ratamis von Roevenpick arrives with his loyal Grrkha soldiers; they enlist a rag-tag band of ill-prepared and unequipped porters to deliver the wealthy hack-of-a-climber to the top of the mountain by the force of their sheer numbers—casualties be damned. In their midst, we find Topkey Ang Sherpmouse, the rebellious nephew of Master Ling. Topkey is likable, athletic, brave—but he show's poor judgment. His coming-of-age story in the rough-and-tumble ranks of the competing expedition is yet another facet in the ever-growing conflict.

Mountaineering raccoons, Sherpmouse guides, conniving aristorats and a dangerous sky-high mountain. Think: "Wind in the Willows climbs Mount Everest circa 1938" and perhaps you'll conjure an idea of this most unusual climbing saga.

Adventures in Nepaw

Claire's Stairs

Claire's Stairs a picture book in the tradition of Madeline.